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Manufacturer & Exporter of  100% Organic Cotton ( Infants, Babies & Kids) clothes, organic bedding, and organic linens. What you put on your body can be as important as what you put in your body when it comes to good health. Health friendly certified organic cotton clothing, bedsheets, and towels are Made By India Production’s answer to the chemical-laden clothing and linens you currently have to choose from.  When we produce Made By India organic cotton garments and linens, it does more than just benefit our health conscious customers. It also dramatically improves the quality of life of those of us who develop these products. The vast quantities of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, and other toxic chemicals used to grow conventional cotton cause negative health side effects for those who grow and work with it.We do not use these poisonous substances to create the Made By India line of clothing and linens, making our products a healthy alternative not only for those of you who purchase them, but for the health and well being of the hundreds of people who have taken part in their development. We thank our customers for allowing us to continue to design, manufacture, and market Made By India goods—good for you, good for us.

Made By India Organic Cotton Tips:
  • Made By India organic cotton is dyed with low-impact dyes. Non-toxic hydrogen peroxide or nothing at all is used in place of chlorine bleaches to pre-treat our organic fiber.
  • Made By India organic cotton naturally wrinkles. Formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, is often used on conventional cotton products to reduce wrinkling.
  • Made By India organic cotton naturally shrinks when washed and dried, which is why products are sized to compensate for shrinkage.
  • Made By India organic cotton requires less processing procedures than conventional cotton and, therefore, is often more durable.
  • Made By India organic cotton is soft to the touch, similar to other high quality cottons.
  • Not only is the growing of our cotton certified organic by SKAL International, but so is our production facility, ensuring you get only pure, natural, organic cotton in every product you buy—better for you, better for your family, better for the environment.
WHY ORGANIC (Sustainable Textile) ?

100 % Pure.....

Environment Friendly.....

Skin Friendly.....

Allergy Free.....


Cotton is the world's most popular fabric. Soft and comfortable, it's used for almost every type of clothing. Socks, shirts, sweaters, dresses, jackets, sleepwear, sportswear and more - all begin in lush green fields of cotton. Cotton farming, however, is hard on the environment.Popular demand for cotton textiles, and competition among producers, has seen a big change in the last two generations - the increased use of pesticide. Cotton is the most pesticide-dependent crop in the world, accounting for 25% of all pesticide use.  These chemicals are taking a toll on our environment and human health as a whole. Every T-shirt made of conventional cotton requires 1/4 pound of harmful chemicals. According to the USDA, in one year alone over 50 million pounds of pesticides were used on U.S. cotton fields. These pesticides deplete the soil and pollute watersheds.Organically raised cotton is gradually winning over new ground both on the farm and in the marketplace. No toxins or synthetic fertilizers are used. Organic cotton is produced without the use of harsh chemical bleaches or dyes, and is allergy free. Natural fertilizers, compost and soil amendments are used, and advances in natural pest control, such as ladybugs which destroy harmful insects, have helped make raising organic cotton a viable enterprise. Organic cotton clothing, unheard of a few years ago, is now available in many stores and online businesses.

A wide variety of products made from organically grown cotton is now available: shirts and pants, socks, underwear, skirts and blouses, sheets and pillowcases, towels and bathrobes. The range of styles can be somewhat limited, but new styles are being developed to keep pace with the growing demand for organic cotton clothing. 

The clothing business is big business, and there is big resistance to change from chemically-dependent processes to organic processes of clothing manufacture. The bottom line is demand. Manufacturers will do what the consumer dictates, and so the change to environmentally responsible, organic cotton clothing begins with you the consumer. 

Thanks for making this effort.

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